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North Catalonia – Cerdanya

North Catalonia - Cerdanya

In each respectable and prosperous family in Catalonia, it is customary to have several houses; one for permanent residence, the other – on the Costa Brava for summer holidays, and another one – in the mountains in the north of Catalonia – for winter holidays and summer walks in the fresh air.

We got into one of these houses at the invitation of our good-natured neighbor, in a small village called Riu de Cerdanya. The village is located in the mountain fold almost immediately away from the famous Túnel del Cadí – five-kilometer tunnel on the road from Barcelona to Andorra.
Near the village is the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, but without a natural park, the landscapes that open during a short mountain walk are simply amazing. You can virtually eat air with a spoon, you can preserve it in tins and sell it to residents of megalopolises…

A short story about our trip and some photos of what a real Catalan village in the mountains looks like, you can read following the link – Riu de Cerdanya.