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Fireworks Festival in Blanes 2019

To the attention of vacationers and residents of the Costa Brava!
From July 23 to July 27 (Tuesday-Saturday next week) in the city of Blanes, right on the beach, the annual International Fireworks Competition of the Costa Brava will be held for the 49th time (the  official name in Catalan is – Concurs Internacional de Focs d ‘ Artifici de la Costa Brava).
According to the requirements to the contestants set by the town council, the action should begin at 22:30, with three warning shots at 22:15, 22:25 and at 22:30, the duration of the fireworks should be at least 18 minutes, not counting the very first and the latest shots.

List of participants:
23 July – Pirotecnia Hermanos Ferrández from the city of Beniel, Murcia. It was this company that won the last year’s competition in Blanes in 2018.
24th July – Pirotecnia Poleggi from Canepina, Italy.
25 July – Pirotecnia Valenciana from the city of Llanera de Ranes, Valencia.
26July – Pirotecnia Gironina from the city of Pedralba, also Valencia.
27 July – Pirotecnia Zaragozana from the city of Zaragoza, Aragon.
More details can be found on the official website of the competition .
We are often commented on – “during the New Year Celebration in our city in any courtyard the fireworks are cooler”  however, we are sure that the contestants will do their best (as usual!), and the spectacle will be fascinating! In any case, it will be a great addition to the evening walk in the fresh air along the sea😊.
The usual advice – try to arrive early: in the days of the competition in the city is difficult to park, and there is almost no place on the beach before the start of the fireworks!
In the video – the recording of last year’s final performance of the company Pirotècnia Pyroitaly, SNC from Italy on July 22, 2018.