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The Euríbor index finished July at a negative level

The Euríbor index finished July at a negative level According to information on the Habitaclia website, the Euríbor index finished the month of July at -0.179%. Yes, the mark is negative, and this can not but rejoice real estate buyers who take a mortgage in the bank directly related to this index.

The Euribor index entered into negative territory in February 2016 for the first time in history due to the ultra-expansive policy of the Central European Bank aimed at strengthening the Euro zone.
Leading analysts, however, warn that although the value of Euríbor is negative today, it should be borne in mind the index shows a growth trend over the past 5 months (albeit quite slowly, from -0.191% to -0.179%).
Also, experts note a slight increase in demand for mortgage in the Spanish real estate market.
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