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You can plunge into the spirit of the medieval Catalan villages not only in Spain, but also in France. There is a black page in the history of Catalonia – after the signing of the Pyrenean Peace Agreement in 1659, part of Catalonia, located north of the Pyrenees mountain range, was ceded to France. As a result, today we have a wonderful opportunity to wander through the old Catalan village, soaked through with elusive French charm.

A brightest example is the picturesque medieval Castelnou, which is included in the list of the most beautiful French villages. The village sprang up around Viscount Castle Vallespir, built in 990. In the vicinity of the village there is also a watchtower La Tour de Castelnou of the 13th century. This tower was part of the network of signal towers of the Roussillon region, which served to detect and warn about the movement of enemy troops.

Сastelnou – a place absolutely recommended for a visit!

Detailed story and photos of Castelnou can be viewed at the link.