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Winter walk in Vall de Nuria

Валь де Нурия зимой

Vall de Nuria – a small valley, sandwiched between the mountains at an altitude of 1.970 meters. This is a beautiful place that has long been loved by local shepherds, hermits and saints. Today, people come here to enjoy the cleanest mountain air, go skiing or just walk along the numerous trails laid on the steep slopes. Mountain streams non-freezing even in winter, waterfalls, a small lake…

You can get here only taking a trip of the cog railway (cremaliera), or on foot (in winter it is an entertainment for madmen).
A great place to spend a winter holiday with children in the snow, play snowballs and try to build a snowman. The average daily temperature in winter here is about 0 degrees, while on the coast the temperature does not fall below +12 … + 15!

Details about the history of this place, as well as a photo report about our winter journey to Vall de Nuria, can be viewed at the link. And here you can find out what Vall de Nuria looks like in summer.