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Spanish Village in Barcelona

Spanish Village in Barcelona

The famous Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol) is located in Barcelona on a Montjuic hill, just a few steps from the singing fountains and the National Palace. This is an incredible complex of buildings, erected in 1929 as a part of the preparation of Barcelona for the World Exhibition.

In an area of 49,000 square meters, 117 houses were erected in 13 months. And they were not simple houses, but exact replicas of the most famous buildings from all over the Spain. So after visiting the Spanish Village, you can feel that you have seen the most sights of other regions of Spain!

Currently, there are numerous shops selling production of handy artisans whose workshops are located right here in the Spanish Village. There you will find glass-blowing, blacksmithing and leather workshops, ceramics production, hand-made embroidery, baking sweets and much more …

More information and photos of the Spanish Village in Barcelona can be viewed following the link.