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Olot is the center of the volcanic province of La Garrotxa, Girona, Catalonia

The city of Olot is located in the province of Girona in the northern part of Catalonia. This is the center of the administrative district of La Garrotxa, which is better known as the “land of volcanoes”. Thousands of years ago there were numerous active volcanoes (about 40 in total), threatening all the living. Scientists claim that the last eruption of the volcano Croscat occurred about 11,000 years ago. Today, volcanic crators are overgrown with dense oak forests, and in the fields, due to the high content of nutrients and peat, local farmers harvest rich crops. In Olot, among others, there is a special museum dedicated to volcanoes. And do not forget to try the traditional local herbal liquor “Rataphia”!

A short story about our visit to Olot with photos can be seen following the link.