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Few words about photos of your house for sale…

In our age of Internet technologies, the process of delivering information about selling your house to potential buyers has seriously changed and sped up – numerous web portals and social networks have pushed out of our lives the once-familiar paper ads with tear-off tags where a phone number was written, as well as ads in newspapers specialized on second hand sales.
The visual perception of the ads themselves also changed – now it’s not enough to indicate a minimum of information and lure a purchaser to visit your office, where the triumphant realtor will bring down the full power of its database to the victim of the laconic advertisement.
And the buyers themselves are not at all eager to immediately buy a ticket and fly to Spain to spend time and to look at what a real estate agent is “ready” to offer them. Nowadays, buyers find a free time, get comfortable and start to “consume content” – to look at photos in ads for property sale in search of their dream home.

The number of offers of the real estate for sale in Spain today exceeds the number of buyers, so if you seriously intend to sell your house or apartment – think about why your object should attract a potential buyer (unless you have set up a lower price for your house comparing to market)?
One of the most important factors that stimulate a client to stop his choice on your object is high-quality photos; it is at the initial viewing stage that the client begins to try on his own vision of his new home on a visual projection of your house – here we will arrange a children’s room, a cat will walk in the garden, and here we will settle our beloved mother-in-law…
So, some tips:
  1. Never, we say – never take photos of your house using your mobile phone! You are selling a high-priced property, rather than a used car seat.
  2. Turn to professionals. Even the presence of a reflex camera from a “specialist” does not correct the “curvature” of his hands. Only high-quality post-processing of images in specialized programs for photo editing will lead to the desired result.
  3. Please accept the axiom that high-quality photos of a large house are not taken in 15 minutes. Allocate at least 1 hour of your time, make yourself comfortable, have a cup of coffee, make all the necessary calls and do not get into the frame!
  4. Before taking photos, please remove all your personal photos, collect and hide clothes in the closet, make beds, take out the garbage bags, remove the leftovers from the table and do not leave the dishes in the sink. If you need a cleaning woman – please contact us, we will organize one! The tidier your home will look – the more chances it has to attract a prospective buyer.
  5. No need to ask – please raise all the blinds and turn on the light everywhere. Gloomy photos of dark rooms can only attract followers of some Satanist sect…
  6. Keep in mind that it is advisable to take photos on a fine, clear day; Photoshop has reached extraordinary heights in our days, but it is quite difficult even for it to recreate
    the natural bright colors that natural sunlight creates.
  7. Due to some peculiarities of this sunshine, photos of your home outside are best done either in the morning or in the evening (sometimes you may need to take part of the photo in the morning and the rest in the evening, depending on the location of your house). Believe us, lunchtime for photographing is not at all suitable, and it is better to use it for its intended purpose and have a delicious lunch😊.
Did we convince you?
And, as the well-known proverb says, “what you sow, you will reap.” The quality of the photos on the output depends on how well you prepared your house for the photo shoot.
If you agree with all of the above and you need high-quality photos of your home – contact us, we specify the price in each case, depending on the size of your home.
Well, if suddenly you decide to sell your house using the services of our agency M2 Lux, then we will make photos for you for free.

P.S. And one more thing, while others are only telling you about this, we are already doing panoramic virtual tours that allow the client to make a tour of your property without leaving home in order to see the planning in detail and to make sure that your house is exactly what he is looking for! This is a great time and money saver for both sellers and buyers, not to mention us, agents. An example of a virtual panoramic tour can be viewed here – scroll down, the virtual tour is under the description of the house.

We are waiting for you!