Yachts Management & Administration

Yacht management & administration services.

Super yacht…

She is not just your favorite and lovely toy, she is quite a valuable asset, your floating property.

Have you ever wondered how effective you are spending money on her? If yes, then we can help you to find the answer to this question.


BROKERAGE & CONSULTING M2 LUX S.L. offers an independent audit of your yacht’s running expenses and annual budget/expenditures along with yacht management & administration services.

Your benefits:

  • professional analysis of your expenses related to your yacht, identification of the areas where saving is possible, relevant advice;
  • absolute confidentiality;
  • one person answers all your questions, no call transfers between departments;
  • virtually 24 x 7 contact and concierge services around the world;
  • entirely transparent finance management including annual budget, monthly reports, monthly comparison budget/expenses;
  • no hidden costs (percentage for invoices processed and paid, no multiple offices around the world, no unnecessary advertising; reasonable travel expenses, contemporary communication technologies etc.);
  • close cooperation with independent technical surveyors, dedicated lawyers and marine solicitors, representative companies for yacht registration services;
  • crew placement services, without our fee (you pay only crew agency fees having our corporate discount);
  • sale & marketing of your yacht through all leading brokers;
  • new yacht purchase;
  • construction of your new yacht – interacting with leading interior and exterior designers, technical project, build administration and regular technical inspections, yacht registration, crewing, provisioning and delivery, including cruise planning and itinerary proposals;
  • helicopters – we have an appropriate experience dealing with helicopters on board large yachts – sale/purchase, registration, pilots employment, maintenance & repairs etc;
  • detailed study and preparation of the cruise schedule to include visits to the most attractive points of interest around the world;
  • multi-language speaking staff (English, Spanish, Russian);
  • and many other small but very important things that make your life easier.

Let us do our job and rest assured that your yacht is in good hands, she will always stay on top of her market value.

If you require any further information we can be contacted at the details below.

Vladislav Maltyzov

Yacht Manager

Phone: +34 693 802 840
E-mail: [email protected]

Having about 20 years experience in yachting industry and spending last 12 years in yachts administration, Vladislav managed some of the world top super yachts belonging to high net worth individuals.